There are two different but related sets of bylaws listed below. The ASCLS National Bylaws are handled by the national organization. The ASCLS-MO Bylaws are handled by the State of Missouri’s society. The ASCLS-MO Bylaws should have linkages to or inherit certain elements from the national bylaws.

The bylaws are the main governing document(s) used for our organization. They will be used in conjunction with any standard operating procedures (SOPs) that national or ASCLS-MO may publish from time-to-time and as needed. The bylaws also align to and inherit certain rules that are already defined in the federal code and any related or relevant State of Missouri corporation codes.

ASCLS National Bylaws

  • Click here to view the national bylaws.

ASCLS-MO Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Click here to view the state bylaws.

You can find some additional resources related to the operations of our society listed below.

ASCLS-MO Leadership Handbook

  • Click here to view the state leadership handbook.
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