The Leadership Directory is listed below. If you run into one of these folks, please thank them for their hard work and dedication to serving the ASCLS-MO Society.

Voting Board Members

RoleNameEmail Address
PresidentCandi Barker[email protected]
President-ElectJeanne Anderson[email protected]
Past PresidentStephanie Godfrey[email protected]
Executive SecretaryMary Lou Vehige[email protected]
SecretaryJohn Koenig[email protected]
TreasurerApril Hansen[email protected]
1st Year Board DirectorAlese Thompson
2nd Year Board DirectorDanyel Anderson[email protected]
1st Year ProfessionalVacant
Student Director/Student Forum ChairVacant

District Representatives

LocationNameEmail Address
Saint LouisJeanne Anderson[email protected]
Kansas CityVacant
Cape Girardeau/Poplar BluffVacant
Springfield/JoplinDanyel Anderson[email protected]
Columbia/Jefferson CityAlese Thompson

Standing Committee Chairs

RoleNameEmail Address
2021 Annual Meeting CoordinatorCandi Barker[email protected]
2020 Annual Meeting CoordinatorVacant
2022 Annual Meeting CoordinatorVacant
AwardsStephanie Godfrey[email protected]
BylawsHannah Zane & John Koenig[email protected] and [email protected]
Government Affairs/Political ActionRenee Setina[email protected]
Leadership DevelopmentTim Randolph[email protected]
Membership DevelopmentDanyel Anderson[email protected]
NominationsStephanie Godfrey[email protected]
P.A.C.E. AdministratorLucia Johnson & Renee Setina[email protected] and [email protected]
Promotion of the ProfessionVacant
Public RelationsVacant
Tom Reddig Missouri Scholarship Fund AdministratorLucia Johnson[email protected]
Scientific AssemblyVacant
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