Bylaws and SOPs

Our organization operates under two distinct yet interconnected sets of bylaws outlined below. The ASCLS National Bylaws are overseen by the national organization, while the ASCLS-MO Bylaws are managed by the State of Missouri’s society. It is important to note that the ASCLS-MO Bylaws should establish linkages to and incorporate specific elements from the national bylaws.

These bylaws serve as the primary governing documents for our organization. They work in conjunction with any standard operating procedures (SOPs) that may be periodically published by either the ASCLS national or ASCLS-MO as needed. Furthermore, the bylaws align with and inherit certain regulations already defined in the federal code, as well as any pertinent State of Missouri corporation codes. This integrated approach ensures a comprehensive framework for the effective governance and operation of our organization.

ASCLS National Bylaws

Click here to view the national bylaws.

ASCLS-MO Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Click here to view the ASCLS-MO state bylaws and SOPs.

ASCLS-MO Leadership Handbook

Click here to view the ASCLS-MO state leadership handbook.