Distinguished Members

The enduring and fervent support of ASCLS by its past presidents stands as one of the Society’s most valuable assets, evident at both the National and State levels.

For nearly 90 years at the National level and almost 75 years at the State level, the profession’s finest individuals have selflessly volunteered to assume the role of president. These distinguished leaders contribute to ASCLS with their wealth of wisdom and unwavering commitment to advancing the Society’s mission and supporting their fellow laboratory professionals. Their continued involvement is a testament to their enduring dedication and the profound impact of their contributions.

Past Presidents

The individuals listed below have each served as president for our organization, contributing exceptional leadership during their respective tenures. Through their dedicated service, they have played pivotal roles in advancing our state society and instrumental in shaping the organization into the esteemed entity it is today.

We proudly acknowledge and honor each of them, recognizing their valuable contributions and unwavering dedication to our organization. This listing serves as a tribute to the impactful service they have provided, leaving a lasting legacy within our community.

Missouri Organization for Clinical Laboratory Science (1948-2015)
19481949Anne Sommer
19491950Frances Marie Kenworthy
19501951Mildred Oswald
19511952Anne Sommer Johnstone
19521953Doris Graddy
19531954Audrey Murphy Wines
19541955Bernice Koster
19551956Helen Alig Dawes
19561957Sister Anne Marie Skinner
19571958Sister Martin Mary Fruchtel
19581959Frances Wolfskill
19591960Erline Spikard
19601961Mary Margaret Kelly
19611962L’Nora Wells
19621963Lu Mims
19631964Ina Moehlman
19641965Marian Winter
19651966Beverly Fiorella
19661967Rena Parker
19671968Helen Sheppard
19681969Mary Ann Kaufman
19691970Mark Heckman
19701971Donna Gault
19711972Donna Gault
19721973Joan Fletcher
19731974Nancye Bloom
19741975Dwight Lindsay
19751976Recardo Newball
19761977Paula Johnstone
19771978Pearl Wehrman
19781979Virginia Johnston
19791980Lynda Hunter
19801981Delores Watkins
19811982Thomas Reddig
19821983Nancy Dumoff
19831984Bette Stanley
19841985Terry Jo Gile
19851986Muriel Jobe
19861987Candi Barker
19871988Nancy Reddig
19881989John Koenig
19891990Debbie Guthrie
19901991Claudette Millstead
19911992Mary Lou Vehige
19921993Debbie Powell
19931994Cindy Grady Taber
19941995Kris Quasbarth
19951996Lucia Johnson
19961997J.R. Constance
19971998Mary Raab
19981999Lucia Johnson
19992000John Koenig
20002001Cathy Williams
20012002Carol Crow
20022003Sharon Smith
20032004Cathy Williams
20042005Barb Parkhill
20052006Renee Setina
20062007Tim Randolph
20072008Renee Setina
20082009Tim Randolph
20092010Shelly Schoeberlein
20102011John Koenig
20112012Shelly Schoeberlein
20122013Renee Setina
20132014Deb Baudler
20142015Sharon Duessel
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science - Missouri (2015-Present)
20152016John Koenig
20162017Stephanie Godfrey
20172018Stephanie Godfrey
20182019Danyel Anderson
20192020Renee Setina
20202021Stephanie Godfrey
20212022Candi Barker
20222023Candi Barker
ASCLS National Society - Past Presidents (1933-Present)

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