Get Involved

Volunteers, like you, are crucial to many organizations and causes as you provide valuable support and resources that may not otherwise be available. We need you to bring your unique skills, perspective, and experiences so that you can help to further the mission of our organization.

There are many different roles and activities that volunteers can help with and get involved. Just reach out and let us know that you would like to help out and we will get you started. Welcome to the team!


Our organization is operated entirely by volunteers. This means that we need your help to continue to do the great things that we do, to continue making an impact, and to continue the educational content and programming that you have come to enjoy.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Help out at a conference, convention, or webinar
  • Provide content for our website, social media pages, or our newsletter
  • Serve on a committee
  • Run for an office
  • Many other things not listed here.
We Need You
Benefits of Getting Involved by Volunteering

Some of the benefits of volunteering include the following.

  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Learn new skills or increase existing skills
  • Increase your professional network
  • Make an impact and a difference
  • Have new and interesting things to add to your resume or professional portfolio
  • Discover new career opportunities
  • Help strengthen the greater medical laboratory professionals community
  • Gain personal confidence and professional experience
  • It is empowering
  • It brings people together and builds a community