Our society is composed of several committees that meet on a periodic and ad hoc basis to further the mission and goals of the organization. You will find more details about each committee below.

Awards and Nominations Committee

The Awards Committee serves to identify candidates for awards and coordinates all activities on publication, description, nomination, selection and presentation of Societal awards.

In addition to providing networking, publications, continuing education and high professional standards, ASCLS recognizes members who help make this society work. The Society presents state, regional and national awards each year at annual meetings. Some members are nominated for awards; others may apply to receive awards.

Each year the Constituent Society Presidents receive the guidelines for the current year’s awards program. These guidelines are available to everyone, and provide up-to-date information, criteria and application forms.

The Nominations Committee seeks those interested in serving in an elected position beginning in August 2018. Please review the leadership positions and consider if you, or someone you know, should be nominated for one of these positions. Self-nominations are welcome.

RoleNameEmail Address
Committee MemberTim
Committee MemberDanyel Anderson
Committee MemberVacant
Bylaws Committee

The primary objective of the committee is to maintain ASCLS-MO Bylaws in compliance with the ASCLS Bylaws; evaluate proposed amendments and move them through the approval process and implementation; and identify and correct discrepancies, inconsistencies, omissions, and outdated information in the ASCLS-MO Bylaws, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the Leadership Handbook.

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Government Affairs Committee / Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Government Affairs Committee keeps abreast of governmental policies related to health care issues that are vital to our profession and the patients that we serve. The tracking of policies and issues can transcend both the federal and state levels. It is critical that identified policies and issues are brought forth by this committee to our membership in a timely manner.

The Political Action Committee offers members a simple, convenient way to influence the elections process and actively participate in the federal decision-making process. Through the PAC, ASCLS members are able to unite together to gain the attention of candidates for national political office. In another sense, your support and generous contributions to the ASCLS/PAC represents your Positive Action and Commitment.

RoleNameEmail Address
Leadership Development Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to develop and maintain programs and activities that identify potential leaders and mentor existing leaders by growing their involvement and understanding of the organization, thus improving the transition of junior members into leadership roles.

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Membership Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to recruit new members into ASCLS and are responsible for the retention of members and reactivation of lapsed members. Manage the membership of ASCLS-MO by identifying and coordinating activities to improve recruitment of new members, retention of current members, and reactivation of lapsed members; and provide effective communication of important issues to all members.

RoleNameEmail Address
ChairAlese Thompson
P.A.C.E. Committee

The primary objective of this committee serves to accomplish the goal of the P.A.C.E. program which is to create a combined provider approval and education documentation system for creating educational programs for interested allied health professionals. This committee further serves as a resource to those involved in planning and implementing programs and workshops for laboratorians. This committee additionally coordinates all activities regarding P.A.C.E.® credits to include maintaining practices consistent with ASCLS, renewal of P.A.C.E.® certification, approval of P.A.C.E.® programs, and awarding of P.A.C.E.® credits.

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Promotion of the Profession Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to provide the face for the profession in areas of activity that include public relations, image management, and marketing. It provides resources to improve the image of the Society and the profession. The committee also ensures that all relevant and necessary information is distributed to our membership in an efficient and timely manner. This committee meets as needed via teleconference and email.

RoleNameEmail Address
Ad-hoc MemberVacant
Scientific Assembly Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to encourage, develop, and facilitate information sharing, trend identification, problem solving, and more in a intradisciplinary fashion for our profession and members. This committee provides members with the ability to network and collaborate with other professional peers and across laboratory disciplines.

To stay abreast of the technical issues that impact the various scientific areas of laboratory medicine and use this knowledge to promote ASCLS by serving as a resource for the coordination of district educational activities. Assist with the programming of the ASCLS-MO Annual Meeting.

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Tom Reddig Missouri Scholarship Fund Committee

The primary objective of this committee is to oversee and coordinate activities involving the Tom Reddig Missouri Scholarship Fund (TRMSF) to include fund raising, recipient selection, fund distribution, investments, and budget adjustments. The TRMSF Committee is appointed by the President when there are applications and consists of a lab manager, an educator (both preferably from the ASCLS-MO Leadership), and the SA Chairperson.

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New Professional and New Members Forum

The primary objective of this forum is to engage and inform individuals new to the profession and ASCLS about the various opportunities that membership affords. Forum driven activities will support the needs and interests of Forum members.

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Student Forum

The primary objective of this forum is to coordinate the involvement and interest of students in the field and the society. The forum provides students with a voice to express their ideas, opinions and concerns; educating students in the concepts of professionalism and supplying them with information and support throughout their college career.

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